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Dawn Pope

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Rick Cromartie, Dustin Banks, and opal has been amazing through our entire lawsuit case. If calls where made they followed up with us with the same business day. The law firm has fought for the justice for my family and I. They not only helped us legally but also helped us with any and all questions we may have no matter how small and simple they where. They kept us updated on every step of our case from a simple response to make decisions needed on our case. Attorney Dustin Banks had to stay past office hours just to make sure we had all the paperwork needed for funding from an outside loan company to help us during the lawsuit process. Rick Cromartie was there for my family and I when it mattered the most. He knew exactly who we where just walking out his office with his huge case loads he still knew the individuals by name. always greeted with smiles. they law firm made us feel as we where more that just a case number, which is by far more than I can say for some law firms. One of the paralegals, Opal went well out of her way to help us for any questions needed answered phone calls and returned calls within hours. the law firm was able to even referred us to their associates to help us and direct us in the path needed for other legal advice. I will only recommend and use Rick Cromartie, Dustin Banks, and Opal for any and all wreck cases, workers comp cases, medical malpractice, and any other types of cases needed if not a case they can handle I recommend their legal advice for referrals to other associates for any and all legal needs! If ever an occasion I ever need legal advice or to be represented by an attorney H.L Cromartie P.C law firm will be the only law firm I will ever seek. A huge thanks to Dustin Banks, Rick Cromartie, and opal for all the hard work and dedication to our case. Whitney Ware and Meranda Pope

Patty Wright

Monday, April 2, 2018

Just when you think they are all the same, Rick Cromartie and his team made me feel like I (my husband) was important and that they had cared about what had happened to me. I knew an injustice had been done and just didn't know what way to turn. I didn't bother them. I let them do their job and they kept me informed all the way. It is my honor to give this attorney at law a AAA rating. To the staff as well I would like to thank the firm for giving me hope in what felt like a hopeless situation. There is no guessing or wondering about the group, if they feel you have a case they will make things right for you. No more looking for a lawyer. No need to ask questions or worry yourself about the decision you have made. I have been down this road for you. Go with H.L. Cromartie and may the rest of your days be a little bit better for making the right decision for yourself. Then finally the ones who have watched you go through this undeserved anguish are very happy that I had found someone that was going to do their very best to help me. M.R.W.

Melody Engebregson

Thursday, March 8, 2018

I was extremely pleased with how well Rick and Dustin handled my case and how quickly he was able to obtain a favorable settlement. I am very thankful for their work and I would not trust anyone else to handle another case of mine.

William Lands

Monday, April 9, 2018

Great Job! Couldn't ask for a better lawyer

Opal Rampley

Tuesday, June 19, 2018