Matthew Hunter Attorney at Law

303 Sweden St, Caribou, ME 04736, USA
(207) 492-2138


Robert. Claffey

Friday, Oct. 20, 2017

MaT WAS APPOINTED TO DEFEND my Fiancee, 2 hearings he did not show up for , 20+ phone calls to his office , NO return call, because of his no show , I dont care just want the check mentality, the charges we thought were finished are not, Thank God the DA , will drop the outstanding charges, and stated this should have been addressed at her sentencing hearing , BUT Mat was not there , so now we have to resolve it ourselves , mat hunter does not deserve the ESQ extension.

Jack Williams

Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016

He is a great Lawyer! Had him for a family court issue and always felt like I was getting the best. This lawyer knows his stuff!