Sullivan Heiser, Connecticut Trial Attorneys

Sullivan Heiser, Connecticut Trial Attorneys
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Zoey Athan

Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018

After writing a $300 check to Atty Heiser for an hour long consultation, then spending time gathering and sending requested documents to support my case AND making repeated follow up phone calls, I never hear back from him. I was surprised by this lack of professionalism from what I thought to be an esteemed attorney. To answer your question: what can you do to make my experience five stars, you can refund me the $300 I spent. In which case I would update this review to make sure people knew that your practice was one if honor.

William Kokis

Thursday, March 15, 2018

In a few sentences I will say this...The Sullivan Heiser Team has treated me extremely well over the years. They have always treated me like a PERSON and not like a dollar or number figure. They are responsible and respectful, and pay attention to you. I had the pleasure of having Attorney Amanda Mitchell represent me recently, and I must say she followed through and gave me her utmost attention to my case. The Sullivan Heiser Team are definite winners. Thank you.

Margaret Cuccinello

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018

I was extremely nervous about my case but was instantly put at ease. Attorney Heiser and his staff are extremely compassionate and proactive in protecting my rights.

Glenn Catania Sr

Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017

Attorney Ted Heiser was my guiding light through a difficult time. He's knowledgeable, current and offers a high degree of understanding and empathy. Five star recommendation all the way. Glad I took the drive from Hartford....

Colleen Rebar

Monday, Oct. 30, 2017

Attorney Brad Sullivan is a solid professional, knows the law, knows the players (i.e. the judges in Middlesex County, which can help to know what to expect), and he is also a trial attorney that is indeed a gentleman, yet effective. He was sensitive regarding the traumatic nature of why I retained his legal help, which was for self-protection against someone who did not follow the law, who I did not want to allow the opportunity to hurt me again. I had many, many questions for Brad. He was patient with me and explained everything, respecting my intelligence (and time), without legal jargon that's not part of the laymen's vocabulary. He absolutely presents himself in a professional but very likable manner, whether in his conference room, or at court. I would very highly recommend Attorney Bradford J. Sullivan, for shoreline residents in need. I do not feel you will be disappointed. You will likely be writing a review similar to mine. I could not be more pleased that he was recommended to me by community members and other attorneys! .